solo duet. featuring melanie maar. super 8mm double projection. 2018

hilary (duet). featuring hilary ives. super 8mm. 2018

erin (accumulation) featuring erin sheehy. 2018

Jane. featuring kym chambers, paige hunter, corinne cappelletti, kay ottinger, aya sato, laurel atwell, gina chiapetta, and adi etyan. super 8mm. 2018

untitled (dad ice melt) featuring mike bartczak, corinne cappelletti, adi etyan, gina chiapetta, laurel atwell, aya sato, and kay ottinger. super 8mm. 2017

viscera. featuring laurel atwell. assistant editor mark demolar. super 8mm. 2016

kym and laurel. featuring kym chambers and laurel atwell. super 8mm. 2014

kitchen dance. featuring paige fredlund. assistant editor mark demolar. super 8mm. 2016

untitled (cindy s) featuring paige fredlund. music by patsy cline. super 8mm. 2014

kym. featuring kym chambers. super 8mm. 2014

laurel III. featuring laurel atwell. super 8mm. 2014

laurel II. featuring laurel atwell. super 8mm. 2014

laurel. featuring laurel atwell. super 8mm. 2014.

cal. featuring cj dickinson. super 8mm. 2014

monte alban. featuring paige fredlund. Super 8mm. 2014

meshes. featuring paige fredlund. super 8mm. 2014

paw paw/// close horizons/// in collaboration with mark demolar/// super 8mm

ziemba/// hope is a fold///  in collaboration with mark demolar, rene kladzyk, and kaia gilje